Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sentimental Sunday ~ Beeghly, Gates or Miller?

Here's another antique photograph from the carte de visite  (cdv) album of my Gates Grandparents. My paternal grandmother's maiden name was MILLER and her mother's maiden name was BEEGHLY. I know that some of my ancestors lived in or near Atchison, Kansas. My Grandmother's parents lived in Sabetha, which is about 56 miles Northeast of Atchison. The family eventually moved to Beattie, Marshall County, Kansas where my father was born.

Unfortunately not one of the 28 antique photos has a name. The only clues are the names and locations of the photographers. Six of the 28 have photographers names and addresses.

I have used "Roger Vaughan's Personal Collection - Date an Old Photograph," (click on link)  Roger Vaughan's Personal Collection. I checked several dates 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1890. I have decided that 1880 is the closest according to the photos of the women's dresses.

My lady has a fitted top with buttons down the front, ruffled trim and matching skirt with a ruffle just below the knees. Her outfit has a light ruffled collar and cuffs. Her toes are just visible.

I have not researched the man's clothes, however, he had a bow tie, a double breasted vest, a jacket with a very wide collar and boots. The photographer's chair is upholstered with a long fringe around it and has curved wooden legs.

The back "verso" of the photograph is a miniature work of art. A pink background with a camera, a drape and an artist's palette; below a shield with a banner including the names RAGAN and MUNN. The banner is over a smiling sun with one eye showing. My interpretation: SMILE for the camera! Two little angels holding a banner "PHOTOGRAPHERS." Location: 317 Com. Street, ATCHISON, KAN. Negatives preserved. Copies can be had at any time.

I checked Wikipedia for information on Atchison, Kansas and found this public domain photograph of Commercial Street from about 1860.

SOURCES: 1. Personal collection, inherited from my parents and grandparents.
2. Robert Vaughan's Personal Collection - Date an Old Photograph - online - used several times to help date photographs.
2. Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia, searched "Atchison, Kansas.