Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is Coming! Vintage Christmas Card

Collection of vintage Christmas cards.

Mystery Monday ~ Mary Jane ACHESON and Christopher JOHNSTON and family

Christopher JOHNSTON and Mary Jane ACHESON
Homestead Lot 210, Concession 2, Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario Circa 1891
Acheson-Enniskillen Corners

"A Special Occasion" ~ Note the corsages being worn.

This is the home of Christopher & Mary Jane. It was build in 1975 just after their marriage in 23 December 1874. That was 2 years and 7 months since Christopher's first wife, had  died.

Christopher`s first wife, Margaret SCOTT, died prematurely in 1872, at age 30. When Mary Jane & Christopher were married in December 1874, her step-children were: Jane Ann 11, Margaret Marie 10, William Henry 9, Katherine Kelso 7, Mary Eileen 5.

Mary Jane & Christopher had 10 children during their 26 year marriage.

When Mary Jane died suddenly in 1901, after contracted Typhoid Fever, Christopher sold their homestead to Mary Jane`s sister Rachel & brother-in-law, James McMILLAN.

NOTE: 2008 I was asked if I could identify who the children were in this photo with Christopher & Mary Jane.

So using birth years of their children, this is my educated guess!

SOURCES: This photograph was among the belongings of some of Margaret SCOTT and Christopher JOHNSTON's children. They would be step-siblings to my grandfather, George Albert JOHNSTON.. So my mother's step-aunts and uncles.

PS need to come back to finish the list of their children.