Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sentimental Sunday ~ MILLER Children


Rock Creek Cemetery
Sabetha, Nemaha County Kansas

Ada May MILLER 1883-1956, was my paternal grandmother. She was the eldest of thirteen children, and would have been about 11 years old when her younger sister and two brothers died.

Her siblings, Mary Catherine 1890-1894, age 4 years 6 months, seventh child; John Alvin 1892-1894, age 2 years 9 months, eighth child; and Ora William 1893-1893, age 3 months, ninth child, died in less than two years of each other.

Their parents, Sarah BEEGHLY and William Howard MILLER, had five more children between 1895 and 1906. 

The loss of three children, two in 1894, must have been a tragedy for this family.

Both the parents, William Howard MILLER and his wife Sarah BEEGHLY, are buried along with these three little children at the Rock Creek Cemetery.

W. H. 

Rock Creek Cemetery
Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas

These tombstone photos are by Larry Gilbert. Found at  Nemaha County, Kansas ~ Photos. There are several links - scroll down to "Tombstone Photos." There are about 20 cemeteries listed on that page, most have photographs. A great site by Roger L. Goodman, may be freely used for non-commercial purposes, appears to be updated February 2010.

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Cemeteries ~ Historic ~ Preservation ~ Etc.

After finding a tombstone belonging to my ancestor's family that had been rubbed with chalk to make it more legible, I decided to do some research on the care and preservation of tombstones and cemeteries.

Here are a few sites that I found useful, in no particular order. All worth a visit, lingering on some longer that others  ~ ~

Central Missouri ~ Locate/Protect/Preserve Our Pioneer Cemeteries Includes Mapping, GPS, Pioneer, Endangered, Restored, Articles, Photographs, "how-to," etc. Great site.

New Hanover County Cemeteries ~ North Carolina On the top of the right sidebar is a link to an article: "Safe solutions for hard to read tombstones"

Find A Grave ~ excellent example of using foil to read an inscription.

StonePics ~ Newfoundland Canada After the completion of their unique project to photograph and index all headstones, cemeteries and monuments in the Province of Newfoundland, is proud to be the first state/province in North America to have such a comprehensive database. The only date found on the site is 2005, partial completion.

Respect Our Dead Inspired by a neglected cemetery in Iowa.

New Jersey Cemeteries and Tombstones: History in the Landscape  Paperback]