Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RAGAN & MUNN, Photographers, Atchison, Kansas

Pink image:
"RAGAN & MUNN, Photographers, 317 Com. Street, Atchison, Kan. Negatives preserved. Copies can be had at any time."

White image:  
"J. M. MUNN, Photographer, Atchison, Kansas."
Very small lettering at lower left: "Riches Co." 
This is probably the name of the printer.
Images ©   Personal collection.

These are the reverse side of two more carte de visite photos from my Grandmother's little olde album.
The pink one is fancier that the first one that I posted on October 25th.  Note the camera with the painter's palette and the cloak. Two little angels are holding the banner.I have found a record that puts Ragan and Munn in business in Atchison, Kansas in 1880.
The logo on the black and white one, is much larger, taking up almost the whole back of the photo and even more artistic. Note the camera is a bit smaller and the artist's palette now is larger and  has brushes.
From what I have read, the photographer's logos became larger and more artistic as the years pasted. Knowing this, helps to date these little keepsake photographs.

An excellent site for information on how to date these vintage photographs is Roger Vaughan's site.
This extensive site is a great resource.
It also shows pictures of the clothing during the late 1800's and early 1900's another helpful technique.
Roger Vaughan is from the UK and appears to have been collecting and researching vintage photographs for a number of  years.

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