Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sentimental Sunday ~ Photograph of a Photographer

Monday 25th October 2010 - Update. I found out who this photographer is. Read the details above for this remarkable man, Wilson Alywn Bentley who was born 9th February 1865 in Jericho, Vermont and died 23 December 1931, aged 66 years, at his home in Jericho, Vermont.


Sunday 24th October 2010 - I found this fantastic old photograph of a photographer!

Update: When I first posted this image, I thought that this gentleman was a portrait photographer. However, the next day my research resulted in finding other photographs of him on along with his biography.

Wilson Alywn Bentley - "The Snowflake Man"
"No two snowflakes are alike."
(SOURCE: found his name and biography on

UPDATE: What I know now is that Wilson is catching snowflakes on a tray covered with black velvet. On the stand behind him would be his microscope where he places the snowflake on a glass plate to photograph it.


SOURCE: I had no way of identifying who he was. There was no caption or identification given on the site. The photograph was included in the section of the NOAA, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I found out that Benley did a project with a member of the US Weather Bureau which is probably why the photo was included with other NOAA images.
SOURCE: (public domain)