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Surname Saturday ~ HULL ~ Ancestors and Descendants

The HULL family was a prominent family in the early settling of America. There are records available which show that George HULL came from England in 1630 and settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

The reference to the Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County, New York, 1785-1888 was included in the handwritten family tree of my ancestors, Oliver Uriah GATES (1802- 1882) and his wife Catherine HULL (1800-1875). This family tree was compiled by by father's first cousin in 1984.

Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County, New York, 1785-1888
Text: Pages: 181-182
Samuel Hull, son of George Hull, Jr., and a lineal descendant of George Hull, who came from England in 1630 and settled in Dorchester, Mass., was born June 15, 1755, married Freelove Kelsey, June 20, 1781, and reared twelve children, viz.: Jonas, James, Samuel, Lebbeus, Russell, Electa, Hubbard, Pheobe, Curtis, Catharine, Alanson and Hannah. Mr. Hull came to Candor in 1809, and made the first settlement on the farm now owned by his grandson, Nathan T. Hull. Samuel, Jr., was born July 9, 1785, married Sabrina Teall, and had born to him nine children, as follows: James B., Clarissa R., Mary, Lydia M., Samuel, Catharine A., Henry H., Nathan T., and Elizabeth S. Nathan T. was born October 14, 1824, married Ada M., daughter of Daniel Oakley, and six children were born to them, only three of whom are living, namely, Elizabeth G. (Mrs. Hiram Henderson), Mary J. (Mrs. Charles Perkins), of Bradford, Pa., and Daniel O.

SOURCE: Historical Gazetteer of Tioga County, New York, 1785-1888; published by W. B. Gay; W. B. Gay & Company, Syracuse, New York, 1888.

This is an extensive site with history of Redding, home of the HULL family and Mark TWAIN.
The HULL name is included as one of the first settlers (1630+) in Georgetown.

The History of Redding, Connecticut
The Hull Family of Redding, Connecticut (CT)

The Hull Family: Arrived 1629 aboard the `Mary and John.` George HULL born: 1590 in Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England; married: (1) 17 Aug 1614 Thamzen (Thomesene) MICHELL (Daughter of Robert MICHELL; d. Before 1655 in MA or CT) Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England (2) 1655 Sarah, widow David PHIPIN, Boston; d: Aug - Nov 1659 Fairfield, CT; Son of Thomas HULL & Joane PESON a.k.a. Joanne Psying.

Children all by first marriage:
1. Josias bap. 16 Nov 1616 (Crewkerne Eng) m. 1640 Elizabeth LOOMIS (Windsor CT) d. 16 Nov 1675 (Killingworth CT -
(Believe that Josia a.k.a. Josiah is our ancestor.)
2. Marie bap. 27 Jul 1618 (Crewkerne Eng) m. Humphrey PINNEY (CT) d. 20 Aug 1684 (CT)
3. Martha bap. 24 Oct 1620 (Crewkerne Eng)
4. Elizabeth bap. 16 Oct 1625 (Crewkerne Eng) m. Samuel GAYLORD d. 2 May 1680
5. Cornelius bap. 9 Apr 1628 m. 1653 Rebecca JONES d. Sept 1695
6. Naomi - 7 Joshua bap. 5 Nov 1630 (Crewkerne Eng) d. young.

SOURCE: The History of Redding Connecticut;

The Hull Family in America is available to be read online at It includes George Hull, his brother, Rev. Joseph Hull and their descendants. Also included is Richard Hull, of Derbyshire, England, thought not to be related to the brothers.

The Hull Family in America has three main divisions: George Hull and his descendants; his brother, the Reverend Joseph Hull and his descendants; and Richard Hull and his descendants. George and Joseph were sons of Thomas and Joane Pescn Hull, of Somersetshire, England, the earliest known ancestors of the tribe. George was about five years older than Joseph and came to this country five years earlier, in 1630. The relationship of Richard Hull to them, if there is any, is not known. . . .
Page 9.
The Descendants of George Hull
#1. George Hull, 1590-1659, surveyor, Indian trader, magistrate, statesman, and founder of a prominent branch of the Hull family in America, the son of Thomas and Joana Peson Hull of Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England. On August 17, 1614, as shown by the original parish records of the ancient church of Crewkerne village, he was married to Thamzen (Thomasene) Michell, daughter of Robert Michell, a well-to-do yeoman of Stockland in the adjoining shire of Dorset. Stockland is about six miles distant of the village of Crewkerne at or near which the ancestral home of the Hulls was situated and it was probably included within the bounds of Crewkerne parish.
SOURCE: The Hull Family in America, compiled by Col. Charles H. Weygant. Published 1913 by Sun Printing Co., for The Hull Family Association in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Total pages 647.

There are other resources available online for researching the HULL family, I only included a few.