Thursday, December 16, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday ~ ACHESON Log House circa 1865

~ ACHESON Homestead ~ Proton Station, Proton Township, Grey Country, Ontario ~ circa 1865 ~
There is a woman and a child standing on the porch.

One of the family Treasures is our Grandpa George Albert Johnson's suitcase. Early 1960, nearing the end of his life, George gave a suitcase with various documents, funeral cards, photographs and other memorabilia to the eldest of his two surviving sons at this time. This son, William JOHNSON, passed his suitcase on to one of his five sons at the time of his own death in 1995.

In January 2003, I began contacting relatives to help celebrate my Mother's 90th birthday, March 2003. The cousin I mentioned above, sent me a package with funeral cards and photographs from Grandpa George's suitcase.

This log house was one of those photographs. Although there was nothing written on the back, I'm certain that it belongs to George's ACHESON family in Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario. There are other photographs and postcards from the ACHESON family to George in Saskatchewan.

In a booklet entitled "The Acheson Family 1850-1950," there are various references to the first log homes that the ACHESON families build when there arrived from Ireland in 1850.

"In 1863, they [William ACHESON and his wife Christina FALLIS] moved again, this time to what was to be knows to future generations as "the Acheson homestead" - Lot 205, Range 3, Proton Township, in Grey County - then covered by virgin forest."
SOURCE: "THE ACHESON FAMILY 1850-1950" page 11.

"They [Acheson pioneers] knew nothing of luxury in those early days; everything they had was acquired only by had work. Even the logs from which their homes and stables were made had to be labouriously hewn by hand, the simple household furnishings usually being also homemade."
SOURCE: "THE ACHESON FAMILY 1850-1950" page 12.
". . . a log cottage on the groom's fifty acre farm." [1896]
SOURCE: "THE ACHESON FAMILY 1850-1950" page 23.