Saturday, May 8, 2010

Surname Saturday ~ Rutherford ~ 1850

In January 2003, when I was searching for my Mother's parents, I found an email address for what turned out to be a cousin.

I was making a memory album for my Mom's 90th birthday in March. This cousin was kind enough to send me a package of information on the ACHESON and JOHNSON families.
Included was a 44 page booklet "The Acheson Family ~ 1850-1950. The inspiration for the booklet came in the autumn of 1939, when there was a chance meeting at the home of an elderly family member. He expressed regret that a written record of the family and their pioneer lives had not been made before the passing of the older members of the family.

As a result of that chance meeting, a family committee of ten was struck and the record began. It culminated in 1951 when the above mention booklet was self-published.

In 2009, I was searching for cemeteries and headstones, when I came across a name that I recognized from the booklet. One "John RUTHERFORD." What I knew was that John had emigrated with his brother-in-law (my ancestor).

"It was on a day in spring, April 14th 1850, that William Acheson, accompanied by his brother-in-law, John Rutherford, bid a last farewell to old Ireland, and set forth to seek his fortune in Canada, the great new land of promise. . . . "
SOURCE: The Acheson Family - 1850-1950; page 10.

What struck me was that John RUTHERFORD had died in 1856, just six years after arriving by ship from Ireland. His brother-in-law, William ACHESON, lived until 1910, aged 89 years and 11 months.

I've wondered what incident may have caused the death of John at a young age. From other information I have been able to find, I think he would have been about 35 years old. He was married and had children. Hopes and dreams brought to an early end.

Native of Ireland
DIED MAY 10 1856
Inistioge United Church Cemetery
Proton Township,Grey County, Ontario

UPDATE: I see that I missed the connection between John RUTHERFORD and my post of "Three Little Angels on "Sentimental Sunday" 2 May 2010. Ida's maiden name was RUTHERFORD and she is the granddaughter of this John RUTHERFORD.