Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2010 ~ Grab Bag

I've missed the first few days of the Advent Calendar, so I'm going back to the Christmas Cards.

These two are from Grandpa George Albert JOHNSON's suitcase of memorabilia. When Grandpa George was nearing the end of his life in the early 1960's, he gave the suitcase to one of his four sons, William "Bill" Lester JOHNSON. Uncle Bill was the eldest of George's two surviving sons at that time.

William Lester JOHNSON, was born 22 January 1911 and died 21 January 1995, aged 84 years.

George Albert JOHNSON, was born 2 November 1875 and died 29 January 1964, aged 88 years, 3 months.

Several photographs, greeting cards and Funeral cards were lent to me in early 2009 by Uncle Bill's son,  who is now the caretaker of this suitcase. He's one of my first cousins.

To You and Yours
As on this joyful Christmas Day
the bells are gladly ringing
A wish sincere, to you and yours,
this little card is bringing.

Mr. George A Johnston
Milden Sask

Dec 1921
Christmas Greetings
to my Dear son George i send you
my love and good wishes i
hope you will be
good and happy all your life.
from your Dad

In 1921, Christopher JOHNSTON was 80 years old. George Albert was 46 years old. George was Christopher's eldest son with his second wife Mary Jane ACHESON.
Christopher lived to be 83 years and 7 months old.
George lived to be 89 years and 2 months old.


Still closer Knit in
Friendships ties
each passing year

Christopher "Christie" JOHNSTON ~ Circa 1930
Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario
(Text added by me.)
This photograph was pasted over top of a verse and someone elses' signature. Perhaps recycling during the Depression!

Inside left front.

Inside verse.
Xmas comes with joys abounding,
Happiest, best of Days,
May it fill your home with gladness,
And your heart with praise.
A. G. Fisher.


  1. Those postcards are little works of art! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Colleen
    Thanks for your comment. I agree.
    You'll see I've posted a card I made from a vintage Valentine. More at my Magnolia Vintage store.

    Perhaps you'll take a peek there!
    P.S. Sorry for the delay, I had a bad fall at Christmas. Very slowly recovering.