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John A. WHITE ~ Flagler Businessman Celetrates 20th Anniversary

John A. WHITE is the husband of Sarah Frances (GATES), she would be a paternal great aunt of mine.


The Flagler News, November 1922

Twenty Years in Hardware Business Here

John A. White, the pioneer hardware merchant of Flagler, celebrated his twentieth year in the
hardware business at this place on Monday, November 20, 1922. There was no demonstration on account of the event, but Mr. White feels that this is a good long time to remain in one business
in one town.

J. A. White came to Flagler from Eastern Kansas in 1890 and pre-empted land in Section 28, west of
the old Jewell place, northwest of Flagler, living there about a year. He then thought the country
was not much good and went to Huron, Kansas, where he remained for 12 years.

In 1902 he returned to Flagler and homesteaded land ten miles northeast of town on Duck Creek.
This land he still owned and has bot [sic] enough more to make him 1200 acres.

On November 20, 1902 Mr. White bought the hardware store from the late H. W. Brown. This store was established by Charles E. Bernard in 1889. Mr. Bernard was later killed in Denver.
In the fall and winter of 1902 he built the house in which the family now resides at the west edge of town he having purchased that quarter of land in 1892. At the time he built his home there was
not a building between that place and his store building.

The following spring the family came to join him in the new home.

Mr. White was a postmaster at Flagler from 1908 to 1914. When he took the office it was in the 4th
class and within a few months it was placed in the 3rd class. He had the postoffice in the building with the hardware store. E. H. [illegible, may be Knudsen] …as post master.

Mr. White says he can see many changes in all [illegible] in the past twenty years. Business has
been picking up from the very beginning, and since taking over the business he has added the long back room.

Uncle John’s many friends hape [sic] (hope) to see him [illegible] as a resident and business man
of Flagler for many more years.

NOTES by VLouise.
Subject: [COKITCAR] The Flagler News (1922) John White, businessman
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 21:08:45 -0800
John A. White was husband of Sarah GATES. Surnames mentioned in the
following article: WHITE; JEWELL; BERNARD; E. H. [illegible, perhaps KNUDSEN?]; and BROWN.

NOTES by Carole:
I found two Obituaries: Edmund Uriah GATES; and his daughter, Sarah Frances (GATES)
WHITE. Also, this article about Sarah's husband, John A. WHITE.
All posted on the Kit Carson/ rootsweb thread by VLouise. I've seen two or three email addresses on the internet for her. I've tried all of them but they come back as "undeliverable." These posts are dated March 2003.

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