Friday, October 8, 2010

Friend of Friends Friday ~ African Canadian Cemeteries ~ Grant Tombstones, Grey County, Ontario

"Who goes there?" ~ "A friend of friends." 
A password used on the Underground Railroad.

I have also been inspired by the essay of Sandra  Talioferro. 
This is my first post for "Friend of Friends Friday." I have a couple more that I'll add in the coming weeks.

I recall that sometime last year while I was searching for my ancestors in the Ontario cemeteries, I noticed this little cemetery with only two tombstones. It appears that these last two tombstones were brought together to mount and preserve them. Notice the chain around them. The Normanby Township is close to the Proton Township where my Irish ancestors settled in the 1850's.
I tried to enhance the image to see if I could make out any of the information, but to no avail.

Negro Cemetery
Normanby Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada
Concession 3, Lot 50, East 1/2
"It is not know how many people were buried at this site as some of the headstones were stolen a number of years ago. All that is left are two headstones of the Grant family."
SOURCE: "Field of Stones - Ontario"
Scroll down to GREY COUNTY CEMETERIES and chose Normanby Twp.

While you're at this site, click on Cemetery Articles. Sadly a few articles on the vandalism and desecration of several cemeteries with a few photographs. What is wrong with people!

There is another Negro Cemetery listed at
Name: Negro
Lot/ Concession Concession: Concession  1,   Lot 50
Township: Osprey Township
County/District: Grey County
Municipality: Grey Highlands Township
Province: Ontario

The Osprey Township is also close to where my Irish ancestors settled in Proton Township.

Then search "Ontario - Grey County" and scroll down the alphabetical list for Negro. There are no photographs here.


  1. Thanks for this posting. Many people have forgotten the escape to Canada that many African American ancestors sought.
    Their lives were vastly improved under our Northern neighbors,even though in many cases, the climate and the land was unknown. I guess it is better to live in a cold climate than to live under a cold household.

  2. Hi Kathleen - Thanks for your comments. A few years ago I read a book about African Americans settling in British Columbia as well as Ontario and Nova Scotia.