Sunday, September 19, 2010

Black Sheep Sunday ~ Jail House Census!

From "Mother Goose" 1901
W. W. Denslow 1856-1915

I've been researching George ARMSTRONG and his family. Henry ARMSTRONG is mentioned in our ACHESON family history. I thought Henry might be George's son.

First I searched for Henry and found him in the 1851/1852 Census Canada. Using the "split view,' I'm able to see the original handwritten documents.

To my surprise the heading is "Name of Inmate" rather than just "Name." Included on this page are are 50 names which include 6 or 7 families with their children.
How curious! Have they all been arrested or is the jail being used for additional housing?

Since there was an influx of settlers at that time, perhaps there was nowhere else for them to live.

Henry ARMSTRONG is shown as the Enumerator.
All entries in a lovely legible flowing script.

TAKEN UNDER THE ACT 14TH & 15TH Vict. Chp. 40
Henry Armstrong ENUMERATOR.

1852 CANADA WEST/Grey (county)/95 Proton - see Sub-district 92; p. 7d, 8a, (15)

Henry ARMSTRONG, Carpenter, Born Ireland, Wesleyan Methodist, Age 24.

Other listings of interest:

Mary A. Hind, Born "On Sea." Wesleyan Methodist, Age 20
(She is listed by herself, there is no other HIND listed with her.
Her parents would have been aboard a ship sailing to Canada in 1832.)

Hugh Hodgins, Weaver, Born Scotland, Wesleyan Methodist, Age 31.

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