Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Million Dollar Ballrooms!

Not so wordless!!

"Japanese Gardens"
Oct 20 3PM 1930
To: Mr Geo Johnson
Milden, Sask, Can
Dear Dad   We arrived here Thurs nite. The mountains and ocean sure are grand. We've been out to the beach all afternoon dancing in million dollar ballrooms. Work is fairly easy to get down here. Our address is 407 46 st E. Los Angeles Calif. Will write a little later.   Bill
Dated October 20, 1930, this postcard was sent to my grandfather, George JOHNSON, from one of his sons, my Uncle Bill. 

George and his family lived in a small farming community in rural Saskatchewan. Bill would have been just 19 years old in 1930. His trip from a small village to a city the size of Los Angles must have been a thrill. Seeing mountains, oceans, beaches, and "million dollar ballrooms" would have been a great experience during the early years of the Great Depression.  

My Mother often talked about how much she and her brothers and sisters loved to dance. A popular form of entertainment, especially during the Roaring Twenties and beyond!  

One of her favourite dances was the "Quick Step." Now I get to see it on Dancing with the Stars!

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