Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surname Saturday ~ CLARK

We know that my grandmother's father was Robert CLARK, Scottish, emigrated from the US, and was an engineer (of what?). Robert was married to Sarah SMITH, an American. I found Census records that confirm he was born in Scotland and show his occupation as "Engineer in a Mill."

My grandmother, Emma CLARK, was the tenth of twelve children, born between 1854 and 1875.

Emma CLARK was born 17 February 1874, Penetanguishene, Simcoe County, Ontario. She died 25 November 1956, Rosetown Hospital and is buried in Milden Cemetery, Village of Milden, Saskatchewan.

George Albert JOHNSON and Emma CLARK were married 13 September 1899, Penetanguishene, Simcoe County, Ontario.

Their marriage was witnessed by one of Emma's younger brothers, Wesley CLARK and one of Emma's older sisters, Mary Jane CLARK, both of Penetanguishene. The ceremony was performed by Reverend G. M. Kingston.

They were married for 57 years, until the time of Emma's death in 1956. George lived on for another eight years, until 30 January 1964, aged 89 years.

This photograph had been tucked away for 45 years by a cousin of mine. Although it was badly damaged, the restoration worked quite well. Also, this is the only photograph that we have as Emma as a young woman. Other photographs of her are when she is a grandmother in her 60's.
SOURCE:  © private collection.

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